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Here are some of the types of copy that we'll produce that will razzle and dazzle you!

Advertorials are like editorials – only cooler. They're promotional print advertisements that are about 500 to 700 words long and written in opinion format, like an editorial. However, advertorials are meant to persuade, baby! They're meant to convince the reader to act. They shout "Buy me, and do it now!"

Typically, they offer a shock factor with headlines like "Top Crazy Stunts." One huge clue that you've got an advertorial is the layout. With advertorials, you'll see a discount coupon or one of the following words: "Advertisement," Promotion" or "Sponsored."

This content is made to be more engaging than a basic news article like "Top 10 Facts," "Fun Facts," 10 Things You Did Not Know About," "Is This The End of," "New Weight Loss" and so on. They are effective because they take out the "hard sell" in advertising and make the pitch more palatable – even enticing. They consistently deliver great results!

Our writers at Content Jewel know how to create advertorials that are unbiased and objective but empowering. They write them like they're coming from a third party so they appear more credible. They also create advertorials that encourage trust in a brand and achieve a gentle balance in selling a product without being pushy or too obvious.

An article is not just a bunch of words or keywords thrown together in a flash. They’re not opinions but mostly facts. They are objective and typically include detailed information on a certain topic, and ranging from 500-2000+ words. Articles are more sustainable than breaking news and are not blog posts. They are written in a way that provides real information to readers. Their purpose is to inform, entice or motivate.

At Content Jewel, our writers create articles that do all that and a bag of chips. All content produced by our team is well researched, thoroughly researched and unique. We never plagiarize and we site all sources. With us, you can rest assured that you’ll receive brand-able content that you’ll be pleased to call your own.

A business plan is a roadmap or a document detailing the goals, mission, strategies and execution of these strategies for the purpose of building a business. Companies that have a business plan have a 64% higher chance of growing their business than those companies without one.

At Content Jewel, we understand the core elements of a business plan. Our business plan writers are masters at creating Executive Summaries (quick summaries of the document), Descriptions of your Business, Market Analysis, Organization Setup and Management, Sales and Marketing Strategies, Financial Needs, and Financial and Revenue Projections. Each plan is personalized to your specific business endeavor. It can be as short as a one-pager or longer so that you can present it to a venture capitalist for funding.

A well-written business plan can help you set realistic strategies for your business now and in the future.

Electronic Books or eBooks are digital format books that almost caused the demise of the publishing industry! You can use them to make passive income or to help you become more established as a leader in your field.

Our eBook writers are experienced at publishing eBooks and paperbacks. They’ll conduct the research and write the book while you claim all the glory.

Want to make extra cash – and build your brand at the same time? Let Content Jewel create the eBooks that will define you or your business. We can help build your reputation as an expert and someone that has something of value to say! You can actually make thousands of dollars on just one eBook! This is the kind of passive income that can keep rolling in!

Ever heard of a research paper that analyzes a specific situation, person or group of persons? In a nutshell, this is what a case study does. As long as you can think about and expand upon it, you can work on it. Our writers are masters at qualitative research for the purpose of summarizing findings on paper. They are skilled at interviewing prospects and then showing cause-and-effect such as “This happened because this happened” sort of logic, while at the same time expanding it to “What if other scenarios happen?” kind of research.

For instance, you might request a controversial case study that is focused on the legalization of marijuana, presence of terrorists in the country, changes in brand logo, transgender issues and the importance of reality shows and competitions like America’s Got Talent. Either way, we’ve got you covered at Content Jewel.

Need money for a project? Have an emergency and you don’t have the funds? Figured out the solution to end poverty and world hunger but don’t have the capital to start your business? You need crowdfunding!

Crowdfunding is an option you have when the banks shut their door to your loan application – and it works! Well, it works if you have an experienced crowdfunding writer by your side.

Our writers can create you a powerful crowdfunding campaign that will get you the financing you need to be successful!

Today, you can learn anything online! You dream of a course and we’ll create it for you.

Electronic learning or e-Learning is learning online through your computer. The courses are posted in digital format and teaching is done via the computer, tablet or mobile phone. Our writers can help you create these courses easily.

With us by your side, anyone (from a home schooled teen to an executive) can post a course online.

When was the last time you got strangers to listen to your message, read your email and respond positively?

Email copywriting by Content Jewel will guarantee that te majority of the marketing emails you send out to potential customers will be read! Our email copywriting experts will create the most enticing promotional emails that will never look hard- sell or spammy. Remember the days of cold calls and “Knock, knock? I’ve got something to tell you!”? Email copywriting is today’s version of successful door-to-door sales without the fatigue that comes with actually walking door to door. If you want people to read and accept your message, get our experts to write your emails for you!

We will go beyond the typical catchy subject lines like “How to Shine…,” “Last Day” or “5 Can’t Miss Moments!” Try us and see just how far we can take it.

Our writers work tremendously hard to come up with subject lines that compel readers to open the email just to find out what’s going on. And we are very creative with subject lines – we never use the same subject line twice.

It doesn’t end with the subject line! Content Jewel will also take the body of your emails to the next level. The content we create for the email body will never be wishy-washy or leave the readers hanging.

Here’s a factoid that guides us at Content Jewel: research shows that if your email is pretentious or has a hidden agenda, it will be dismissed outright or even blacklisted as spam. This is a huge mistake that we will never make at Content Jewel! Our work is always like a personal note to the reader, complete with the details and an action link.

Who doesn’t love infographics? This must be one of the best ideas of the century. Compile all your important information into one beautifully designed graphic! At Content Jewel, we have made data visualization our baby! We will spend hours to make sure the concept is well thought out and organized.

Today, you just cannot have a business without tapping into creative data visualization. It has become a must-have, especially for users who don’t always like to read long articles or analyses. Furthermore, infographics are space-savers and deliver data faster than traditional content.

The truth behind infographics is that this is the age of data; however, data is exploding exponentially and infographics are one effective way of comprehending large amounts of data in a short period of time.

Our work with infographics has been nothing short of phenomenal. It’s one of the items on our roster that we are most proud of. Our infographics will only show only the valuable facts (no fluff data), and they are always visually appealing, easy to understand, and able to peak and sustain viewers’ interest. Additionally, we work past the creative and make sure the piece has a point and is easily accessible, able to communicate the point efficiently, and always memorable!

Get more users on your landing page by allowing us to work on it. Promise! We will fully satisfy the purpose of this page. Landing pages are not just about posting a link on another website to bring users to your page. They are much more complex than that.

No worries though because Content Jewel experts have this in the bag! We fully grasp the intricacies of the perfect landing page – one that delivers results.

Your landing page is the page that your target market “lands on” after clicking on something on the Internet. You need this just as much as you need a website! It’s critical to your marketing because without it, you have almost no chances of getting found! Let us help you become visible online!

We can create two kinds of landing pages for you: click-through (or jump page) and lead generation. The click-through landing page is like a warm-up to selling something, while the lead generation landing page’s ultimate purpose is to get email addresses so you can continue marketing. Thus, a click-through landing page is like a shopping window with products and prices, while a lead generation is an invitation to subscribe or sign up.

Let’s face it - writing a marketing plan is tough work. It’s tedious because you have to work with forecasts, historical data and even the complex personality intricacies of your customers and employees. On top of that, not everyone typically comes on board with marketing plans.

What do you say to our idea of creating marketing plans that are vibrant, completely feasible, customer and employee-friendly, and on point? Marketing plans are roadmaps for your marketing and advertising. The objective of a marketing plan is to corner one’s target market and increase sales and brand awareness.

Moreover, it’s an annual task! It easily becomes a looming task because it demands yearly reviews. We can offer: a marketing plan that has all five essential elements: SWOT analysis of current business position, goals, opportunities, target market and budget.

But we can go beyond that! You see, the bigger challenges of a marketing plan are being able to foresee the next 12 months and then getting everyone to stick to the plan. We make sure this happens by writing in friendly, easy-to- understand terms and we don’t aim to make them pages long! We can put all the salient details in one page. For us, what’s more important is to have accurate details and a procedure everyone can follow to make sure the plan is carried out.

We will also make sure typical mistakes are not made that will plague your marketing plan, such as forgetting to prioritize the customer’s needs and loyalty, seeing your market as one entity instead of a group of individuals, too much segmentation across multiple marketing channels, conflicting marketing strategies, forgetting to update your technology, and failure to track the right analytics and data.

Let your voice be heard! Press releases are one of the most efficient ways to blast your official statement. We can help you with damage control, product launch shout-outs, information blitzes or press releases to answer specific issues.

At Content Jewel, we can write brief, to-the-point and informative press releases. We can also create press releases and send them to select groups only. Just tell us what you need and we will make it work!

Although press releases are not considered news, we can help you so that when they are released, reporters will pick them up and give them prominence. Grab prominence with headline-breaking press releases that will power your business and give it a massive boost!

Need a way to get your message across using traditional media? Radio is still popular and the go-to source for news and information. Up to now, it just can’t be beat – even by the Internet. However, to be great on radio, you need a fantastic radio script!.

A radio script is the guide you use when you are on air. It has cues for commercial breaks, sound effects, music choices, spiels and even the right pronunciation of difficult words.

Every radio script is different but should all follow a similar format. We can sit down with you and discuss the personality you want to convey on your radio show.

We will customize your script so it fits with your purpose. Morning show? Not a problem. We can write a script with an upbeat mood. Late-night radio show? We also have the right formula for that as well!

We won’t just give you the words to say. We will also train you on how to sound natural and casual using proper grammar and pronunciation, and give you tips on how to improvise during live radio shows.

Need help persuading, selling or tempting? We can write you amazing sales copy that will bring your sales up while staying loyal to your business profile and personality. At the end of the day, it’s still about working with your brand image and reputation – one of our specialties!

When was the last time you bought a product because the ad made it sound amazing? Sales copy is all about the creative use of words so you are moved to act. It’s an art form and something not easy to do – especially with the discerning and critical opinions of consumers. What makes great sales copy? Although it sounds simple, it’s not.

Here’s what we can do for you. We will pinpoint targets, write compelling and attention-grabbing headlines, clearly deliver your message, and most important of all, create sales copy that will not rely on exclamation points.

What’s your war cry? A “slogan” is a Scottish word that means “war cry.” In business, you need a war cry to market. It should be a short, memorable and creative phrase that your company identifies with like “Just Do It” for Nike and KFC’s “finger-lickin’ good.” Let us write your slogan and help customers remember you whenever they hear it.

A slogan is successful if it has a clear message and is creative and likable. What’s the happiest place on earth? Disneyland! What never melts in your hand but in your mouth? M&Ms! Why is it safe to go crazy in Vegas? Because “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!”

Slogans are taglines that identify your business and make it different – better –than your competitors. Based on studies, 44% of successful slogans incorporate the brand name, but they are easier to remember if they come with a melody or jingle – or just sound rhythmic.

Social media is Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Messenger, Twitter and several other platforms where you enjoy social connections. It falls under the umbrella of social networking. But social media is not just opening accounts and posting a few here and there.

There’s a science to social media, which is why some businesses are growing faster than others. Creative Jewel understands social media. We can help you be heard, find connections and build a network.

Blog posts are opinions written and posted by individuals who want to be heard. They can be a diary or journal by a blogger on topics that interests him most. Thus, there are celebrity bloggers (Perez Hilton), fashion bloggers (My Fashion), inspirational, spiritual, mechanical or culinary bloggers – every topic under the sun probably has a blogger writing about it!

Needs blogs that will go viral? Want your expert opinion shared online, making you known as a leader in your industry? Social media and blogging are taking over the Internet. You need to join this promising race. With trillions of people using social media and reading blogs, we can help you expand your online visibility and popularity.

Get known around the world with social media. It can happen in a short time with our help. Just think about it: Around 2 million blogs posts are posted every day! Blogs increase revenue and popularity, help establish brands, and can bring in revenues on their own through ads.

Finally, let’s look at the bigger picture. Anything and everything you see on the web is called content. It can be text, images, videos, charts or animation. The main rules on web content are regardless if you are a for-profit or nonprofit site:

Must be understandable

Must be current

Must be accessible

What kind of content are you known for? This determines who will follow you and buy from you. The bottom line: we can create the best web content for you. When anything to do with your business or brand is “Googled,” we can get your content seen and appreciated.

Web content is your access to the world. But because Internet users value their time, you want to make sure the impression you start off with and stay consistent with is truthful, sincere, verifiable and valuable.

The power of web content is unparalleled. Our writers can create content that will convince, drive emotions, inspire, inform, alert, entertain, socialize and empower others.

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