Book Title: Tips for Creating Your First WebsiteLet’s Get Started!Have you been thinking about creating your very first website? Are you considering designing it yourself, or are you planning on hiring a professional web designer? Either way, it is important to not only plan out your design but also to have an effective launch strategy prior to the big day. This way, you’ll have a clear-cut plan of action that you can implement to ensure that you haven’t forgotten anything important. So, without further ado, here is our web creation plan that has helped us successfully create thousands of sites in the past.Are you ready? Let’s begin.Name Your Business And Find Your NicheUnless you have an existing business, you need to find your niche and your business name. Keep in mind that it would be great if you could match your business name with your website address. If you are planning a startup, come up with several options for a business name - but make sure it is related to your product, is easy to remember and doesn’t sound like something that already exists. Also, don’t forget about having a memorable tagline!Find a Good Domain Name for Your Website Choose a domain name that is easy to remember and spell. Although .com domains are in short supply, they are still preferred by many organizations. Some believe that it helps in branding and search engine optimization. Regardless, the domain name you choose should be relevant to your business and should preferably contain a main keyword describing your services.Spy on Your CompetitorsBefore you design your website, spend some time spying on your competitors and viewing their sites. Pay close attention to their sites’ colors, features and dynamics. Do they have a special tagline? Do they use creative marketing strategies like free handouts or contests? Make note of any existing marketing strategies they utilize (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc). Next, collect pertinent information about your customer demographics and, based on that information, think about how you can create a site that is even better than theirs.Make Your Site Easy to NavigateYour website should be easy to navigate and your visitors should be able to find relevant information within a few clicks. Never bury important information because readers’ attention spans are short and they expect quick results! For instance, if you have a blog with quality content, put links to those articles on the first page. If you are selling a service, make sure that your service’s page is clearly marked.Make Your Website Mobile ReadySmart phones, tablets, netbooks, etc. aren’t going anywhere. In fact, statistics show that people are going mobile even faster than they did before and it doesn’t seem like this trend will end soon. In fact, the last Black Friday sales data shows that 24% came from mobile traffic. This is not an option anymore; it’s just as significant and critical as being accessible through the desktop. Therefore, your new website should have a mobile website customized specifically for your mobile audience. Additionally, if you can offer a mobile application to compliment the site, that would work even better.Make Your Site Easy to UnderstandThe language, design and visual content of your website should be simple and benefit-laden. Always give your reader more than you receive from them. By reviewing your content, your visitors should easily understand your service or product offerings and clearly see why they can’t do without them. Always include a strong call-to-action in all of your copy.Make Your Site Search Engine CrawlableEnsure that your website is easy for search engines to read. Your site should include pertinent keywords and use meta tags and search engine verification tags so that they can be found. However, never engage in annoying keyword stuffing, as this irritates readers and gets you penalized by search engines.Add a SitemapHTML and XML sitemaps should always be linked to your website’s footer. In fact, the sitemap should never be an afterthought. It needs to be in place prior to launching your website. This will help you avoid duplicate content and smooth the flow from page to page of your site. Without a sitemap, which is basically an outline of your website, your site will appear messy and disorganized. Have you ever gotten dizzy from a website because you have to keep jumping all over the place to get the information you want? Well, the sitemap will make sure this doesn’t happen to yours.In fact, right before you launch, go over the website and try to play the role of the visitor. Is the goal of your website clear and focused on every page? Is your design promoting your goal or distracting from it? Can you track your content so you know what was posted and what may be conflicting information? Do you have pages that are similar in content and style? You may need to make some changes after this diagnosis to prevent the loss of lead due to wrong search engine results.Install and Check AnalyticsYour newly-launched website should be easy to monitor. Your analytics should be accurately attached to your site so that you can evaluate demographics, site stickiness, where traffic is coming from, etc. Carefully evaluate these metrics and be willing to make improvements and decisions aimed at improving results.Your Website Content Should Have a High Conversion RateYour content must convert and sell your product or service offering. Although conversions depend on many factors, sites that have conversion rates of 10% or more do remarkably well. Those that are under 2% barely make it. The key to improving your conversions is to use hard-hitting copy that engages your readers. Also, you must be willing to make changes to your site so that you improve your rate of conversion.Incorporate your CRM SystemTo promote ongoing relationship and nurture new business relations, your website should be incorporated into your CRM system and email manager. This way, you can cross-promote whenever possible.Use Twitter, Facebook and YouTube OftenRecently, the ratings for the top 15 websites in the world were released. You guessed it; Google held the number one spot, but, more interestingly, 4 of the top 15 were social media sites: Facebook (ranked 2), YouTube (ranked 4), Twitter (ranked 9) and LinkedIn (ranked 15).This is why you need to connect your website with social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. This way, people can easily get connected to your website. You can do this by including a link to your social media pages within the first page. By doing this, readers can easily review your pages and like, re-tweet or comment on your content.Content for Social Media PlatformsWhen using social media, there’s something you need to know. Granted, the statistics on top 15 sites mentioned above show that Facebook was ahead of other platforms, but you need to know that other social media platforms are also helpful in establishing a stronger brand. For instance, LinkedIn is extremely popular and 83% of LinkedIn users post relevant content about their websites, products, or business services on that platform in comparison to other networks, like Twitter.Many small online businesses make the mistake of focusing on where to post content instead of focusing on whom to target and what to say to them. This is why you see many people on your social media network heavily promoting their products to audiences who aren’t even interested in the service or product offered. As a result, their posts are often ignored. The key is to balance “solid content” that your target wants to read that is more informational than promotional.Next, you shouldn’t just post the exact same content over and over again. For instance, your social media accounts shouldn’t have the same content as your blog posts. Yes, you can reference your blog posts in your social media posts but, you wouldn’t want to post the same content on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn too. You need to vary it up a bit since you have followers across multiple platforms.Check Your Account Details>Ensure that your website mentions your correct email address and contact details so that your visitors can easily reach you. If you have a receptionist or staff member answering your phone or managing your online chats, they must be well-versed in your service or product offerings. They must also have a pleasant demeanor. After all, they are the first point of contact with prospective customers. The loss of income opportunities from poor phone and email etiquette is tremendous. Keep in mind that online competition is unlike traditional business setups. You are competing with millions of other sites and consumers know this, so one mistake at the onset will mean getting labeled as “not worth it” and may even end up as poor feedback on someone’s blog.Spread the WordNow it’s time to get ready for your big launch day. Don’t be shy! Tell everyone you know, including your Facebook and Twitter contacts, about your new business venture. Inform your connections on LinkedIn by sending them a direct message and posting a link to your new website. Spread the word and encourage others to do so as well!Publicize, Publicize and PublicizeMake contact with publicists and bloggers about the launch. Bloggers play a key role in spreading the word and increasing your promotional efforts. Use them to your benefit.Collect visitor informationCreate a landing page so that your visitors can leave their contact details. This will enable them to receive an update from you when you launch your site.These are some important tips for creating your first website. Always spend adequate time testing the website before launch day. Make sure that you check each and every page so that there are no spelling errors or incorrect information. In essence, get cracking!

Why You Need Good Writing Samples in Your PortfolioBeing a writer can be a rewarding job. You get to follow your passion while earning money from it. But in order to truly break into this industry, you first need to get clients. And for that you’ll need a portfolio full of writing samples!Why Writing Samples Are ImportantThey represent your skills: If you want to get work, you need to showcase your skill. And having stellar writing samples is a great way to do that. From the samples, your prospective client will be able to gauge your writing expertise and whether you are a good fit for them or not.They showcase your experience: If you’ve already worked for a few clients, then you can include those pieces in your portfolio as samples. This will give you a lot of credibility, as you will be viewed as someone with industry experience. Many actually prefer candidates with some sort of experience in their field.They prove your versatility: Can you pen down a press release as well as an insightful article? Are you equally comfortable in crafting a radio script and writing a catchy campaign? Then include all of these as your writing samples! These samples are a great way of proving your versatility with the written word. Including different types of samples opens you up to a wider net of opportunities, as the requirements of different clients will vary.How to Make Your Writing Samples Stand OutPick your recent work: Make sure to include as much of your most recent work as possible – as it gives a true picture of your expertise. Because writing styles evolve over time, including something you wrote years back, no matter how much you like it, may not be a good idea.Include only what’s good: If you’re new to professional writing, then you might be tempted to include anything and everything you’ve written to date as your writing sample. This is a rookie mistake. A couple high-quality samples will be worth a lot more than ten mediocre samples.Highlight your published works: If your work has been published anywhere, then include snippets of that as well. This will increase your credibility. Also, try to include a variety of writings.Double check every sample: Always proofread your writing samples before including them in your portfolio. Even a simple careless mistake can create a negative impression about your prowess.To sum up, include stellar writing samples in your portfolio and dazzle your prospective clients!

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