Escalate Your Business with Text Message Marketing

In the present times, mobile marketing is a powerful medium for successfully spreading the word about your business. After all, text messages are perhaps turning out to be the most powerful! It may seem unlikely, especially considering how most of us are more involved in social media as opposed to regular texting. But the fact remains: text message marketing is creating a lot of buzz and for good reason!

Why Text Messaging Works: Some Stats!

Here are some statistics that will give you a clearer picture of why text messaging still rules the game!

• There are approximately 7.4 billion mobile connections in the world, out of which 3.6 billion are of basic non-smartphones. This means that text messages reach twice as many customers! [Source: Ericsson Mobility Report, 2015]
• Among millenials, 87% have their smartphones close at hand at all times! [Source: Zogby Analytics Millenial Study, 2014]
• 82.1% of mobile users open every text message they receive! [Source: Shift Communications Consumer survey, 2015]
• 97% of Americans aged 18-29 use their cell phones for SMS messaging. [Source: The High Demand for Customer Service via Text Message by OneReach, 2014]
• Businesses should utilize SMS messages to interact with customers more often, according to 64% of consumers. 70% believe text messages are an effective way for a business to get their attention. [Source: The SMS Advantage Report by SAP & Loudhouse Research, 2014]
• 89% of marketers who have employed SMS marketing have found it somewhat to very effective – much more effective than display ads or corporate websites. [Source: 2015 State of Marketing Survey by Sales force, 2014]

In other words, text message marketing really works! It can be up to eight times more effective at engaging your customers.

How to Make Text Message Marketing Work for You

Just like any other marketing medium, text message marketing requires some clear strategies as well. Here’s how you can get the most out of your SMS marketing practices:

Get permission first. Before sending text messages, it is important to get your consumer’s consent first, by way of giving them an SMS opt-in option. This will ensure that your consumers do not disregard the messages as spam. Similarly, it’s important to include an opt-out option from your messaging services.


Communicate clearly. Crafting the text message so that it clearly communicates what you’re trying to convey in a very short time is important! Also, the language should be simple and easy to understand. You only have a moment of your consumer’s attention, and it’s important to capitalize on that!
Have a healthy frequency. Sending messages too frequently will only end up irritating your consumers. So, maintain an acceptable frequency – say, about three to five texts a month.

Text during the daytime. You would not want to invade your consumer’s privacy by texting after hours. Also, daytime texts have much greater chances of being read than the ones sent at night.
Make your texts valuable. Don’t waste your consumer’s time! Send SMS with information or offers that are of value to them!

A sample text template:
Forget your copywriting woes! Opt for Content Jewel writing services this September and get a Buy 1-Get 1 offer! Text “COPY” to [number] to cash in on this limited-time VIP offer!

So, try text message marketing today and watch your business reach new heights!

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