Does Article Marketing Still Work in 2017?

Fortunately, the basic principles of article marketing continue to prove its effectiveness. What changes swiftly are the tactics that are adopted to support articles and help with ranking and the dissemination of valuable information. For instance, from 2003 to 2005 it was acceptable – even desirable – to stuff articles with keywords, but by 2008, and with the introduction of analytics, article marketing had to be more engaging, optimized with relevant content, and user-focused. This ushered in the heyday of article marketing, when “content is king” was the battle cry.

Today, while content remains primary in marketing, there is a struggle between a personalized user-focused approach, the need for privacy, and instant gratification. Articles should still be optimized with direct, unique content that is accessible across different channels in order to be relevant and appreciated.

Articles should also have quality links, or your business will suffer the bitter fate of being tagged with a stiff penalty and poor search ranking.

In short, to benefit from article marketing, you have to give to your readers before you can receive anything of equal of higher value in return. So, what will work in 2017?

Creative Personalization

If you want to market clothes, it’s great to talk about the style, fabric, and sizing but eventually your articles will start to be dull and predictable. You need to start creating knock-out articles that will tantalize and offer something extra and valuable to your readers. For instance, by writing creatively about how a gown can create a mood or why your choice of fabric reflects on your personality, you get readers engaged. They will want to keep reading because your article will offer something new and fresh, and potentially help them improve their image. Be creative with your articles without veering away from your business profile and mission – and you will generate quality leads, higher subscription followers, and better sales. If you struggle with creativity, not to worry! Our writers at Content Jewel are experts at developing ideas and promoting products in a unique and winning style.

Focus on Building a Loyal Audience

Times dictate that you not only have a secure online presence; you must also be able to communicate directly with your target market so any attempts by your competition can be addressed swiftly and accurately.

This was the harsh lesson that a company had to learn after a larger competitor with a huge following and access to influencers was able to bully them with attacks on discrimination and prejudice.

Your content marketing team can be your loyal ally in building a solid following so that any offensive against your business can be properly and immediately answered – which means squashing damaging posts or attacks.

A loyal audience continues to be a necessary target because they can help spread the news about your business by Sharing and Liking your content. You can build your audience by working on a larger email address list, which many experts believe will be a major growth area in the coming months.

Manage your article marketing with our 24-7 team at Content Jewel because we will give you fresh content and a creative insight on building your business efficiently.

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