One of the most successful online content marketing campaigns was that of Eddy the Terrible. It’s a concept conceived by creative geniuses from the Humane Society of Silicon Valley to find a home for an abandoned dog with questionable behavior whose real name is Teddy. Teddy was a terrible dog – hates humans and other animals – but desperately needed a home. No one wanted to take him until his true story as Eddy the Terrible came out. Simply put, Eddy the Terrible was marketed with stellar content. Through blogs, videos and press releases, Eddy’s story was told. His story described the fact that no one wanted him, and appealed to the reader’s emotions. Within two days, Eddy’s story was picked by national publications such as Huffington Post, People Magazine, and USA Today. He was also featured on TV shows like Inside Edition and Good Morning America. Over five million people saw the story online and generated 200 comments, 126,000 YouTube views, 32,000 Likes, and 6,300 Shares. More importantly, Teddy finally found a forever home. The point is – stellar content sells, and it sells all types of products and services.

Are you trying to sell an everyday (not so interesting) product like furniture or window blinds? Stellar content can get them sold. Incredible content can literally transform your business and increase your sales! Take pain company Farrow & Ball, for instance. They are a seven-generation-old paint and wallpaper company in the UK. They tried several marketing campaigns to build their online presence but it was only in 2014 when they decided to set up a blogging website, Chromologist, dedicated to the subject of color and how to own and use it. Soon thereafter, their sales and profits exploded.

For a business to succeed with the help of content marketing and customer engagement and mindfulness, it is critical to develop a content strategy that will appeal to your target audience.

Stellar content is what sets your website apart from the masses and delivers the right message into the hearts and minds of your customers. The success of your website is determined primarily by its content and its online brand. Keep in mind that content is a combination of videos, opinions, factual information, images, FAQs, and testimonials. You need to find the right angle to your content to pique the interest of your target market, while coupling the content with quality keywords so it can be located more easily while browsing the Internet.

Here are the five reasons you need stellar content:

1. It gives vital and enticing information to your customers.
Your website is often your first, and perhaps only, chance to market your company’s products and services to online customers, so make the most of this opportunity by ensuring your website’s content is top notch. This pulls in great and faithful customers who have faith in settling on right and educated decisions.
Every business owner and employee is a customer too, so you can and should put yourself in the place of your customer and be your customer. What would they like to see? What kind of content would make them stay and read to the very last word? How should the content be worded or what kind of videos and images would appeal to them?
In short, you need to define “vital” and “enticing” as they pertain to your business. And they must be communicated in a manner that leaves very little room for misinterpretation.

The key to great content is not to guess about your target market. Know whom you are communicating with and avoid complicating the message. As the saying goes, “Keep It Simple Smarty.” (At Content Jewel, we would never call you or any of our customers stupid. You’re too smart for that!) Basically, if you have several things to say and you are not able to communicate them cohesively, then create several blogs!To create stellar content, use these five words to guide you:

• Findable
• Readable
• Understandable
• Shareable
• Actionable

In addition, you can post content in places other than your website because the power of testimonials and reviews from independent sites is very powerful. Nowadays, when the typical online customer wants to buy something, he or she will check what other people are saying about the product and service. This kind of content speaks volumes about your business!

2. Excellent content has points of interest and extends your pitch about your capacities.

Content enables you to feature and advance your service and product offerings. Through content, your readers become better acquainted with the benefits of your offerings and this helps build brand awareness for your business. It likewise makes a positive picture of your business, as you are seen as being transparent about your enterprise. This helps attract prospective clients and sends quality web traffic your way because the better the content is, the more it will be shared and seen.
However, one of the potholes of not posting stellar content is using automation tools like spinning or auto posting software. If you allow a robot to spin your content so that is different from an original, or decide what, when and where to post your content, the content will lose value because Internet users tend to mistrust content that is poorly created and inorganic. Spun content is usually filled with grammatical errors and may be nonsensical. On the same token, content that is distributed everywhere and anywhere may not reach your targeted audience. Both strategies eliminate the human element that turns content viral and has the risk of damaging your reputation.

Automated content is done through artificial intelligence and is about as interesting as a wood board. It usually reads like a news article – facts and nothing else. Organic content is written by a human and is 100% more interesting because it can incorporate examples, human interest stories, and opinions.

To be considered an expert, you need to lay the groundwork and establish yourself as a leader in your industry. Thus, great content and a worthy history of valuable content is what is needed. One article does not make you an expert. Having several social media accounts and posting once a day does not make you an expert. There’s more, much more, to it than the casual organic postings. You have to follow a strategic content creation action and distribution plan.

Today, many people think that by reading a couple of books on something, they qualify as an expert. They certainly become eligible to give their opinion but aren’t necessarily an expert. To be known as a legitimate expert in your field, you must:

• Believe you are an expert and build your confidence by getting accreditation and hands-on experience.
• Own your expertise by declaring it publicly that you are an expert – and be ready to prove it when someone dares question you about it.
• Share your expertise in different mediums (books, videos, reports, guest speeches, etc.). A good expert is not stingy with what he knows but is discerning on what and how to communicate what he knows.
• Start producing original content with your name on it.

3. It adds credibility to your business.

The larger number of individuals thinking about your business and the kind of content you produce relates directly to the amount of exposure you’ll receive. As indicated previously, individuals who like your content will share it, comment on it, and act on it. Third parties will come on board and your online presence will be able to incorporate channels like word-to-mouth advancements, ads, and expanded reps as preferences and offers.

This makes a picture of persuasive administration, which bonds your credibility in the business sectors, and you start to develop a capable and genuine enterprise conveying quality expertise.

Credibility. This word packs a punch and it is what all legitimate online users look for. To build your credibility with your content, make sure you add the following somewhere on your website or blog:

• Your business address/location or email address, preferably both
• Business information such as business hours, brief history, people behind the business
• BBB ratings, significant numbers like number of followers, estimated annual sales, and customer testimonials

There’s another angle that you need to be aware of: the kind of content that damages your credibility. According to, mistakes like excessive self praise, lack of clear brand image, use of stock photos, and mistakes in grammar and spelling will ruin all your hard work with content and running an online business.

4. Advertisements are short on detail; content is broad.

An advertisement is a decent sales representative but it is actually restricted in its capability to provide detailed information to your readers. For instance, if you evaluate your content marketing structure carefully, you’ll soon realize how powerful it is. In fact, a positive content advertising campaign can build a stronger brand and invoke dialogue, associations, and an increase in profits. On the same token, a negative advertising campaign can lead to criticism, disassociation, and loss in sales.
So, more or less, an advertisement advances your motivation but great content attests to, solidifies, and builds up your business.

Do you remember most ads you come across? What about when you read outstanding content? Which would you rather share with your network – the ad or the interesting content? About 99% would say they would rather share the content. For this reason alone, you should prioritize content, though there are other reasons just as compelling.

Today’s smart shopper will not rely on a single ad to make a buying decision. Typically, they’ll have to see it seven times before they act. Today’s smart shopper knows how to curate information online and use whatever information he finds to make a smart shopping decision. Most will not simply click on the “Check Out” button due to a nagging feeling that there is something better out there.

Content – stellar content – will help clinch the decision to buy because it gives facts, opinions, information, news, reviews, and feedback – more than enough data to come to a decision and not hesitate.

5. Stellar content turns into your tweaked PR campaign and brand-wagon.

Stellar content will consolidate into powerful advertising and marketing because it can incorporate expanded information and feedback. These are the components in your content that be verified.

Once you have excellent organic content, you are able to increase online activity towards your business, which will help you expand your online system using preferences, shares, and tails. This will encourage and put wheels to your business image and keep it very much oiled and running.

However, keep in mind that when content turns into your public relations campaign, you need to stay on top of it all the time. It can easily get out of hand. On the other hand, if you manage it professionally and ethically, you will enjoy amazing long-term advantages and benefits, including lower overhead, fantastic and memorable brand imaging, and the promise of business longevity.

In conclusion, stellar content is worth the effort and no one does it better than the writers at Content Jewel. Our experienced marketing writers will create content that gets you and your business noted! Guaranteed!

Every business begins with a similarly enthusiastic entrepreneur who has dreams and plans of making it big someday. But the eventual results are often quite different.

As per statistics, out of the estimated 28.2 million small businesses in the United States on January 2014, 20% will fold in their first year, 50% in their fifth year, and 70% in their tenth year! Did you know, your business’ pin-code could be responsible for its failure as well? Studies by reveal that the top five areas where small businesses failed are all based in California (except for Allentown, Pennsylvania) – Stockton, Modesto, San Bernardino, and Santa Rosa.

To be fair, a business fails mostly due to basic reasons like low cash flow, no market, depleted capital, wrong team, failure to address customers’ needs, and competition. But there are plenty other reasons too, which often escape the entrepreneur’s attention until it’s too late!

Given below are some such reasons for businesses failing:

Poor Management Control

Are you the type that refuses to get your hands dirty? Do you enjoy arguing with your coworkers?

Well then, we have bad news for you. Business owners who refuse get into the not-so-pleasant nitty gritty of their business end up losing the business altogether! There’s a reason why the Mom and Pop concept continues to succeed, where the owners get to know their customers and attend to any problem on the ground before it gets out of hand. You don’t really have to be in the store or office with your workers all the time but your workers need to know that you are hands-on enough to show up unexpectedly to check operations. This will keep them on their toes.

Management control also means setting up the business systems to avoid any kind of hanky-panky by your employees. This refers to a more-than-adequate accounting system, internal office controls that will minimize, if not prevent, petty stealing, a solid cyber security system to deter cybercrime, and a system of checks and balances among your workers and yourself.

Your employees will model their behavior after your own. So, things like not getting involved in the business enough or using company funds as a personal account will only set a bad example and thereby lead to poor management.


Internal Politics

Your company will be as good as the workers you employ. But it is also important that you pick workers who can get along with each other!

The moment you put together too many dissenting opinions, personalities, work ethics or egos in one place, you create the breeding ground for toxic internal politics, in which the ultimate casualty will be your business!

According to Gallup, about 70% of all American workers don’t care about the company they work for. For them, it’s “just a job.” For successfully running your business, you need workers who will feel involved as a part of something bigger. This way, they will not drop you the moment a better job offer comes along.

What if you’ve done your best to engage them and they still refuse to be a team player? Simply replace them! Weeding out the negative influences is also a positive step.

Your Passion for your Business is Gone

Most entrepreneurs start a business because of a passion – a dream. That passion is what propels you to work hard and persevere. If the passion disappears, so does the hunger and interest. Always keep your eye on the “why” that made you create this business. This will keep that passion ignited in your heart and you will find the reason to work for it.



Over-Expansion & Obsolete Technology

Your business is booming and you have a loyal following. When everything is peachy, expansion seems like an obvious step. But if you expand too much and too fast, it all may get out of your control sooner than you think.

Turns out, too much of a good thing can be bad – if you do not have a proper strategy for it. A successful business can quickly go down the drain because your sales cannot sustain your expansion. Sometimes rushing to introduce new products and technology can stun your loyal customers and make them uneasy for any of these reasons: quality goes down, processes become too complicated or slow, employees can’t implement changes properly, and there is not enough market to sustain the higher costs of doing business.

On the other hand, if you choose to hold on the costs and not upgrade your technology, you risk getting dismissed outright by the market. Your deliveries become slow, you end up with too many redundant processes, or you fail to have an online presence. All these will simply drive your customers away to a more savvy competition.

In conclusion, outer circumstances may sometimes affect businesses, but more often than not, they fail due to the poor decisions, unethical actions and lack of resolute commitment on the part of the business owner. To be successful, your business deserves your unflinching attention, strategic decisions, and support. Give all of those things, and you’ll see your business soar!

Producing original, stellar and informative content is one of the best ways to drive quality traffic to your service or product offering and increase your brand’s visibility. But content creation is also an area many people struggle with. In fact, many entrepreneurs describe content creation to getting a root canal – simply not fun at all. If you find yourself struggling with content creation, you are not alone. At, we see it all the time. Clients with fantastic ideas for content who simply don’t have the interest or time to write it. We also have clients who only need a strategic content action plan or guidance on content creation and they’re good to go. If you’re an entrepreneur who prefers to hire someone else to do the nitty-gritty writing for you, we’ve got your back. In this article, you’ll learn proven strategies to get the content you need by hiring a rock-star writer. Are you ready? Let’s get this party started.

What is Quality Content?

The single most important fact about hiring a writer who can write stellar content is to know what quality content is. Quality content leaves a lasting impression on its reader. It is content that speaks to your reader and empowers them to act. It is content that can improve sales, build up your business reputation, generate leads, and cause your business to succeed. In essence, it is content that rocks!

Superior, quality content includes these vital elements: customer perspective, value gain, engagement, and categorization. Studies show that quality content will improve marketing qualified leads by 120%. Qualified leads are those individuals who see your content and are more or less convinced to at least consider buying your product. Only a rock-star content writer can produce this kind of consistent superior content and handle the job with efficiency and professionalism.

There are many excellent writers but not many can stick to deadlines and follow instructions without an ego the size of Manhattan. At the end of the day, you want to work with someone who will not give you problems, but rather help you overcome challenges. You want writers who understand that quality content is targeted, tailored, and of value to the viewer. Writers who can create content that will boost your credibility, be cost productive, shorten your sales cycle, and help online users locate you and your business more easily.
Writers like those at ContentJewel.


Review Writers and Their Credentials

Finding qualified writers is just a large portion of the fight. You likewise need to ensure you are employing genuine individuals who realize what they are discussing – and who won’t stuff in connections to their own particular customers, basically getting paid twofold for a similar article. This is not cool and may negatively affect your site.


Here’s what can happen when you hire the wrong kind of content writer:

• Duplicate, rehashed content bordering on plagiarism.
• Content that really does not say anything of value – fluff.
• Content that damages your reputation because it offends a section of your customers.
• Frustration from delays and editing issues.

There are online review options so you can more or less gauge the quality of a person’s work, especially if the person you are considering says he or she has several years/months of experience. One consumer tendency that will work in your favor is the fact that negative experiences tend to generate more reviews than positive experiences. This applies to people who offer their services online. And the only source other than online reviews that people will trust more are those that come from trusted friends and family members.
When looking at reviews, make sure that the feedback is recent. Reviews that were posted more than a year ago will not be as relevant because unlike a tangible product, the service provider can improve drastically in 30 days by working and studying hard.

If undecided, invest in a test article. Ask the writer to create a short piece, give a strict deadline and instructions, and see what happens. Make sure you have the software to test for plagiarized content and pay the minimum fee. If you’re lucky, some applicants will do a test article without charge; however, most professional content writers will only agree to this if they can verify you as a legitimate client – meaning you have a track record of paying your writers.

Google: Your Best Search Friend

A writer will always have an online footprint. You need to find it and Google is one of the best sources available.

Your initial step ought to be to search for the author’s name in Google and see what pops up. You should be able to see all of his/her social profiles, different works they have composed, and perhaps even a Google diagram result.

Keep in mind though that many writers are ghostwriters, which means they work but don’t get to acknowledge their work in public. To handle this kind of situation, ask the applicant for links to past work and use that as your starting point in verifying credentials.

Google will direct you to freelancer websites. These marketplaces can also be vetted by checking out Google and reviews. If there is a trend towards negative reviews, best to stay clear of that website. However, this further emphasizes the need to do deep investigation as much as possible because freelancers tend to cross over to different marketplaces.

Reverse Image-Search Their Photo

At one point when an author applies to write for you, regardless of whether they are visitor-posting or getting paid, you should ask for a profile picture of the applicant. A fake writer can choose a common name to divert you from your game; however, they need to get their picture from some place. This may sound bizarre but it has happened too often for comfort. For instance, a January 2017 study revealed that there are over half a million fake Twitter accounts, while on LinkedIn, there are a number of fake accounts that look believably real. By clicking on the profile image and searching it on Google’s image search, you might come across the same image and know for sure that the profile is fake.

The best thing to do when you come across a fake profile is to report it so it does not cause distress to anyone. It could be your “pay it forward” act that will help prevent others from possibly being a victim of a scam.
Run Their Writing Through Copyscape.

Copyscape is a popular platform that will help you detect plagiarized content. It has a free text-to-text online check or you can sign up for their premium account for a very reasonable fee.

You should make it a point to ask for samples from the applicant while checking the reviews and feedback on an essayist. This process may uncover similar or exactly the same articles by the author that were already distributed to different online destinations. Pause for a minute to run those examples through Copyscape to ensure they are unique. On the off chance that they are offering spun articles to different locales, there is a very likely possibility that you will get spun work.

Spun work is work that has been tweaked – and so obviously any logarithm will be able to detect it. Unscrupulous writers do this to maximize the money they can make on a single piece. On your part, spun articles on your site can prompt Google and other top search engines to blacklist you and tag you as a content spinner. This will cause your website to drop in ranking.

Even guest postings can be spun so watch out if you plan on getting a guest to write something for you to post on your site. The problems with guest postings include the fact that Google hates paid links, and guest postings can be flooded with paid links. In addition, you may end up with thin, weak content that can be found on other sites, or irrelevant content that will be of little value to your marketing campaign. Thus, whether a direct hire or guest posting, always have the content checked for duplication and grammar issues. Then don’t stop there – read it and give it a value rating. Anything below 7/8 stars out of 10 in terms of value added to your business should not be accepted.

Dive Deep Into Their Social Accounts

Online networking makes it simpler than any time in recent memory to examine scholars before you contract. The greatest thing to search for is anything that look suspicious. Do the photos look fake? Are there just a couple of updates? (This could be a result of protection settings.) Dig in and see what you can discover – and make sure to go past the initial couple of pages. The warnings may be covered a year or two back.

It’s not just about fake social media accounts but more a problem of fake social media followers and endorsers! In fact, according to Marketing and Growth Hacking, paying for followers is a growing industry and widespread. Why? Mainly because it’s a cheap way to build credibility and establish an authoritative name, especially for people selling their services like writers and expert opinion leaders. Thus, when checking social media accounts, it is a good idea to use software like the Fake Follower Check tool to determine if the followers are real or fake!

Clues that a social media account is suspiciously fake include no posts or updates, or followers without a description of who they are and no location.

At ContentJewel, our writers are vetted heavily. Each one has a minimum of five years of experience and a positive online blueprint. They are highly educated, skilled and efficient, and ready to serve you. In essence, they are rock stars and know how to treat you like the gem that you are.

Scientists has revealed that our brain is capable of reorganizing itself. This concept of neuroplasticity revolves around the idea of a flexible mind, which is in direct contrast to an old school belief that we have an innate fixed mindset. This older concept is baffling because it suggests that we cannot adjust in the way we think, act, and respond. It implies that “once a loser, always a loser,” which has been disproven time and again.

Shaking off this old concept will work in your favor, especially if you are in business. Changing your mindset into a “growth or success mindset” will free your intelligence skills and you will see new ways to run your business. No more limitations in considering innovative approaches and strategies because of a new and fresh attitude of “can do!”

In business, one of the secret to success is not allowing anyone to box you in – including yourself. This mindset will give you the courage to delegate, empower your employees, and be open to new technology.

You can start a success mindset by reading on it, staying curious, keeping physically fit, adopting a benchmark to track your progress, and being willing to celebrate the success of others because a spirit of generosity will always work in your favor.

Here are five excellent books that will boost your determination to grow your business by focusing on a success mindset.

Think and Grow Rich: The Landmark Bestseller Now Revised and Updated for the 21st Century

By: Napoleon Hill

Think and Grow Rich is a financial book originally written by Napoleon Hill. It motivates individual through sharing the stories of millionaires and what has led them to succeed in life, where it also answers the question, “What makes a winner?” This book encourages people to set their mind to being successful in their chosen path. This updated 21st century edition shares the experience of famous millionaires and billionaires like Bill Gates, Mary Kay Ash, Dave Thomas, and Sir John Templeton, and how they reached such extraordinary success.

The first edition of this book was written in 1937 and it has sold over 15 million copies to date. The ideas in this book are essentially the gist of what you can find in the 2006 bestseller, The Secret.

Hill has been tagged as many names from innovative author to scoundrel because he has made controversial decisions in his personal and professional life. However, that cannot take away from the fact that a number of today’s very successful industry leaders have read his self-help book and benefitted from his views, including Norman Vincent Peale, who wrote The Power of Positive Thinking in 1952.


The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change 

By: Steven Covey

Written by Steven Covey, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People was first published in 1990. This book tackles the balance of personal and professional effectiveness, from which true success comes. But before completing the said seven habits, you need to perform first the so-called “paradigm shift,” in which you change your view of how the world works. By accomplishing these changes, there will be a shift in how you perceive time management, productivity, and positive thinking.

Covey was a born teacher, leader and one of Time’s 25 most influential Americans. This book is considered one of the most powerful books of the 20th century, having sold over 20 million copies and translated in 38 languages. As a self-help management book, Covey wrote about the “true north,” which describes universal and timeless character and ethics.  One of the profound beliefs of Covey was “Every child is a leader” who can make a difference in the world.

This book espouses the principle that change can happen but only if you make it habitual and, to be effective, you have to know in your heart what you believe in and seek – with true conviction and honesty.

Reading this book will help you start a new chapter in your life with a success mindset. It has worked for many people before you and will continue to be relevant for many more years to come.


Mini Habits: Smaller Habits, Bigger Results

By: Stephen Guise

Mini Habits is a book that tells you how small things could make a huge impact in your life. Every small habit, especially if it is positive, will result in bigger and unexpected things. Reading this book probably changes your views in life, and accepting your flaws is the key to your personal development. This is a good book for people starting a business where bigger results always stem from making mini habits.

Guise is a minimalist Millennial who likes straight talk. His book became a bestseller and has been translated in 17 languages. It promotes unconventional ideas that are results driven and very doable. It’s a great read for procrastinators, even though the book is not an original idea. Guise just conveys it in a way the Millennial and younger generation can understand. It is a book that comes highly recommended by professional coaches and business executives.

Guise, who is graduated in 2010 with a degree in Finance, will be the first to admit that he had many bad habits growing up. He faced multiple rejections in his search for a job and his struggles helped him find his way to writing.

This book has the power to change your outlook and make you believe that success is possible by taking mini steps.


The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business 

By: Charles Duhigg

The Power of Habit talks about why habits exist and how they control our brain. The mission of this book is to free us from habits that enslave us. The book is a combination of scientific studies and journalistic interviews, some of which are based on personal experiences. The Power of Habit aims to transform people on the personal level, our communities, and businesses through the new science.

Duhigg is a Pulitzer awardee as a reporter for the New York Times, as well as an author. His 2013 piece on Apple entitled “The iEconomy” was the prize-winning article for explanatory reporting. He is a History graduate from Yale University and earned his MBA from the Harvard Business School. According to Duhigg, his inspiration for his book came in 2011 when he was buried in work, deadlines, and the birth of his second child. He decided to call an author he respected highly who was always busy and productive yet calm and relaxed. His question? “How do you do it?” And the rest, as they say, is history.

Duhigg espouses a better, more efficient way of being productive in order to enjoy a balanced, happier life. This formula has proven to work for many readers and continues to be a book that is highly recommended, especially for business owners.


Entrepreneur Roller Coaster: Why Now Is the Time to #JoinTheRide

By; Darren Hardy

The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster shares the reason why small businesses tend to fail and these reasons are not actually caused by external, but rather internal, factors. It has been found that failure rate assumptions neglect the fact that failures are not due to economics but are more emotion based. The book prepares you to be an entrepreneur wherein you will encounter an emotional roller coaster. There will be a lot of fears, doubts, and pains of rejection, but this book will guide you to have a thrilling ride towards success.

Darren Hardy – or “Master of Influence” as he is called – is a sought-after keynote speaker and author, and started his own business at age 18.  However, after two years, he turned to the personal development and self-help industry. He was at the helm of Success Magazine for almost ten years.

Through his 25 years of promoting the personal self-help success formula, he has maintained that because he has learned the power of exclusivity, he is in the perfect position to teach you how to defy the odds, make an impact, and be successful.

This is great reference book to own if you plan to start a business or grow your business. It is one of the top entrepreneurship books today.

Social media is not an option anymore. It is a must for entrepreneurs, especially if they wish to increase traffic to their sites and escalate their business far and wide. But it brings results only if it’s done right. Many spend hours on their social media efforts, only to end up with little or no results. If you’re facing the same issue, then this article is for you! Here we are stating the seven reasons why your social media efforts are not bringing you the results you want and what you can do to correct it!

You Do Not Have a Target Audience

Social media may reach everyone, but in order to be truly effective, your efforts should reach the ones that matter! When you try to be everything for everyone, you end up reaching no one. Not having a targeted audience is one of the primary reasons your social media efforts may be failing. You need to decide whom you want to communicate to, then design or frame your communication accordingly and target the platforms where your target audience is most likely to be found. It is recommended to conduct a market research based on your industry to zero in on your target audience.

You Do Not Have a Strategy

This is yet another cardinal sin that many entrepreneurs commit. Social media marketing is not about randomly posting on various platforms without any thought or decided frequency. You need to have a plan for an entire month in advance. You need to know exactly what results you’re trying to achieve, accordingly frame your communication, and decide the sequence, frequency and platforms of publishing them. Without a strategy, it will be impossible to get concrete results.

You Are On Too Many Platforms

We get that there are too many popular social media platforms today. But do you really need to be on ALL of them? This is one of the classic mistakes committed by entrepreneurs. Understand that not every platform is going to suit your particular niche. Find out which platforms your target audiences are likely to frequent more and put your maximum energy there. This way, your social media efforts will not be haphazard but well thought out. Also, you won’t end up investing too much of your time in the wrong platforms. Such focused social media marketing will automatically generate better results!

Your Content Is Not Good Enough

There is simply no arguing with the fact that content is king. And this is even more applicable on social media where the entry barriers are low and anyone can post anything. If your content is not inspiring or interesting or even informative, then there’s no reason for your audience to pay attention to it. Also, if it’s always too promotional, it ends up being annoying to your followers. So, it is your responsibility to make the effort and create content that’s worth noticing. This will not only grab attention, but will also enhance your brand image. Your audience will know that your brand favors quality and hence will be more likely to put their trust in you. On that note, do not favor quantity over quality. Shooting off sub-par posts seven days a week will be no match to publishing high-quality posts thrice a week.

You Are Not Interacting with Followers

Social media is all about interactions, which means there must be a two-way conversation going on for it to work. If your followers are posting comments and you are not taking time out to read and respond to them, you are failing at the chance to connect, create relationships and set the ground for potential customers or referrals. It is important to regularly interact with the people who are leaving comments on your posts. And do not skip or delete the negative comments because they make you uncomfortable! Address them politely, and you might end up winning more hearts. Having an active interaction on social media makes your brand a friendly and approachable one – the kind that your future clients would like to do business with!

You Are Not Following the Trends

Do you think “trends” aren’t that important? Then you’re in for some major setbacks. Because on social media, what matters is what’s trending. In order to stay in your audience’s radar, you have to stay updated with all the latest trends. Granted, not every trend will suit your niche. But it is up to you to find a way to connect with your customers regardless. Social media is a rapidly changing world. And in order to stay both relevant and interesting, you have to keep adapting to these changes. So for the desired results, make sure you keep an eye on what’s trending and find ways to utilize it in communicating to your audience. The results will speak for themselves!

You Are Not Analyzing Your Campaign’s Performances

Social media marketing is not just about publishing posts and then forgetting all about them. You need to stop at regular intervals and find out if your efforts are working or not! If you fail to regularly analyze how your social media efforts are performing, then you will not know if there’s something you are doing wrong or if there’s something you must do more of. Analyzing tells you what’s working and what’s not. Accordingly, you can plan or tweak your social media strategies. Track the key metrics, which involve click rates, profile visits, comments left, posts shared, likes, and so on. The more you analyze, the better you’ll understand your audience and accordingly can enhance your social media efforts!

Social media is a fast-paced world – but when done right, it can take your business to a different level. It is not a conventional marketing platform so you need to be a lot savvier in order to stand out here. If you are finding it hard to cope up, it always helps to hire experts who can make your work easier. So, take the steps and do social media right. Your business will thank you for it!

Fortunately, the basic principles of article marketing continue to prove its effectiveness. What changes swiftly are the tactics that are adopted to support articles and help with ranking and the dissemination of valuable information. For instance, from 2003 to 2005 it was acceptable – even desirable – to stuff articles with keywords, but by 2008, and with the introduction of analytics, article marketing had to be more engaging, optimized with relevant content, and user-focused. This ushered in the heyday of article marketing, when “content is king” was the battle cry.

Today, while content remains primary in marketing, there is a struggle between a personalized user-focused approach, the need for privacy, and instant gratification. Articles should still be optimized with direct, unique content that is accessible across different channels in order to be relevant and appreciated.

Articles should also have quality links, or your business will suffer the bitter fate of being tagged with a stiff penalty and poor search ranking.

In short, to benefit from article marketing, you have to give to your readers before you can receive anything of equal of higher value in return. So, what will work in 2017?

Creative Personalization

If you want to market clothes, it’s great to talk about the style, fabric, and sizing but eventually your articles will start to be dull and predictable. You need to start creating knock-out articles that will tantalize and offer something extra and valuable to your readers. For instance, by writing creatively about how a gown can create a mood or why your choice of fabric reflects on your personality, you get readers engaged. They will want to keep reading because your article will offer something new and fresh, and potentially help them improve their image. Be creative with your articles without veering away from your business profile and mission – and you will generate quality leads, higher subscription followers, and better sales. If you struggle with creativity, not to worry! Our writers at Content Jewel are experts at developing ideas and promoting products in a unique and winning style.

Focus on Building a Loyal Audience

Times dictate that you not only have a secure online presence; you must also be able to communicate directly with your target market so any attempts by your competition can be addressed swiftly and accurately.

This was the harsh lesson that a company had to learn after a larger competitor with a huge following and access to influencers was able to bully them with attacks on discrimination and prejudice.

Your content marketing team can be your loyal ally in building a solid following so that any offensive against your business can be properly and immediately answered – which means squashing damaging posts or attacks.

A loyal audience continues to be a necessary target because they can help spread the news about your business by Sharing and Liking your content. You can build your audience by working on a larger email address list, which many experts believe will be a major growth area in the coming months.

Manage your article marketing with our 24-7 team at Content Jewel because we will give you fresh content and a creative insight on building your business efficiently.

In the present times, mobile marketing is a powerful medium for successfully spreading the word about your business. After all, text messages are perhaps turning out to be the most powerful! It may seem unlikely, especially considering how most of us are more involved in social media as opposed to regular texting. But the fact remains: text message marketing is creating a lot of buzz and for good reason!

Why Text Messaging Works: Some Stats!

Here are some statistics that will give you a clearer picture of why text messaging still rules the game!

• There are approximately 7.4 billion mobile connections in the world, out of which 3.6 billion are of basic non-smartphones. This means that text messages reach twice as many customers! [Source: Ericsson Mobility Report, 2015]
• Among millenials, 87% have their smartphones close at hand at all times! [Source: Zogby Analytics Millenial Study, 2014]
• 82.1% of mobile users open every text message they receive! [Source: Shift Communications Consumer survey, 2015]
• 97% of Americans aged 18-29 use their cell phones for SMS messaging. [Source: The High Demand for Customer Service via Text Message by OneReach, 2014]
• Businesses should utilize SMS messages to interact with customers more often, according to 64% of consumers. 70% believe text messages are an effective way for a business to get their attention. [Source: The SMS Advantage Report by SAP & Loudhouse Research, 2014]
• 89% of marketers who have employed SMS marketing have found it somewhat to very effective – much more effective than display ads or corporate websites. [Source: 2015 State of Marketing Survey by Sales force, 2014]

In other words, text message marketing really works! It can be up to eight times more effective at engaging your customers.

How to Make Text Message Marketing Work for You

Just like any other marketing medium, text message marketing requires some clear strategies as well. Here’s how you can get the most out of your SMS marketing practices:

Get permission first. Before sending text messages, it is important to get your consumer’s consent first, by way of giving them an SMS opt-in option. This will ensure that your consumers do not disregard the messages as spam. Similarly, it’s important to include an opt-out option from your messaging services.


Communicate clearly. Crafting the text message so that it clearly communicates what you’re trying to convey in a very short time is important! Also, the language should be simple and easy to understand. You only have a moment of your consumer’s attention, and it’s important to capitalize on that!
Have a healthy frequency. Sending messages too frequently will only end up irritating your consumers. So, maintain an acceptable frequency – say, about three to five texts a month.

Text during the daytime. You would not want to invade your consumer’s privacy by texting after hours. Also, daytime texts have much greater chances of being read than the ones sent at night.
Make your texts valuable. Don’t waste your consumer’s time! Send SMS with information or offers that are of value to them!

A sample text template:
Forget your copywriting woes! Opt for Content Jewel writing services this September and get a Buy 1-Get 1 offer! Text “COPY” to [number] to cash in on this limited-time VIP offer!

So, try text message marketing today and watch your business reach new heights!

For an entrepreneur running a WordPress website, the primary concern would be to make sure the site itself runs smoothly, without any glitches. And that is exactly what plugins are for! With the right plugins supporting your WordPress site, you will be able to give your site visitors a much better user experience, which can be of paramount importance when it comes to building your brand’s reputation. For instance, a very useful plugin would be one that processes different locations of your offices (if you have several) and the contacts visitors can look for when they need information. Another example of a plugin is one that can post trading office hours and work days for vendors so international buyers can be guided accordingly. Of course, certain plugins are free, while others come with fees. Most free plugins will require coding experience and technical know-how.

There are a few reasons why the paid plugins are recommended such as:

• Full technical support
• Upgrades to latest versions
• Variety of themes
• Compatibility with other plugins and with WordPress

Given below are a list of some of the best tried and tested WordPress plugins that will make your task of managing your website much, much easier!

WordPress SEO by Yoast

SEO is perhaps the most important way of attracting traffic to your website. WordPress SEO by Yoast is the most downloaded SEO plugin, with about 40 million downloads, and has been recently named as the top plugin for WordPress users. Although it has a premium version, you can actually use the free version and be happy with it, although you will not get support from the company. This means you just have to figure it out on your own, aside from the basic tutorial that you get when you start using it. WordPress SEO by Yoast works as a complete optimization platform for the page content to every user.

Some of the most appealing features of Yoast are content analysis, description management and meta keywords. You also can use a feature that restricts search engines if you don’t want to get indexed by certain search engines. You can also hide your archives.

Aside from the SEO, this plugin also features XML sitemaps, snippet editor, Meta and configuration, as well as permalink cleanup. If you upgrade to Yoast SEO Premium plugin, you can possibly get more visitors from Bing and Google, gather subscribers from social media, and even increase your reader’s engagement.

The pros about Yoast are:

• Flexibility
• User-friendliness
• Comes with recommendations (even with the free version!)

The cons of Yoast are:
• Customization is not as user-friendly, as you have to search for what you need in the Advanced menu – which needs to be turned on manually
• Recommendations are only helpful if you are a newbie because Yoast encourages keyword stuffing and is very sensitive and flags down content that it thinks has the “passive voice”
• While functional, it is a heavyweight plugin with so many features that you may never need


Keep all the hard work you’ve done on your site safe with this plugin! BackupBuddy makes sure that your contents are safe from being lost. You can set a schedule for your backups so that in case you forget to do it, there is no problem. Backup is important because it saves you from losing your WordPress Website forever. In addition, this plugin prevents hackers, malware and server crashes. You should also consider installing this plugin first after setting up your site, simply because it is one of the plugins that is easiest to set up.

Two of the top reasons to consider this paid plugin are: (1) automated backups, and (2) one (1) GB of BackupBuddy’s cloud storage. Thus, no matter how many times you back up your site, it won’t be eating space and memory on your laptop or computer. Further, you can delete old backups automatically or sign up for more cloud storage space by paying $35 a year for an additional four (4) GB.

Other features of BackupBuddy are:
• Comes with a malware scanner
• Allows you to restore backups easily
• Full support, as it is a paid plugin with option for limited or unlimited sites

One issue that has been raised about this plugin – and is rare – is the failure of the plugin to backup files in the wp-content and wflogs folders.


There’s nothing like spam to ruin the experience of your site. Avoid them by using the Akismet plugin. It works like this – say a visitor visits your site and leaves a spam comment on your blog posts. If Akismet is activated, it will automatically check and search for comments that go against the Akismet web service. The filtered spam will then be deleted and you won’t have to see any of it.

You get Akismet automatically with a WordPress website, as it comes pre-installed. To activate this plugin, you will need to secure an API key on your WordPress account. The activation of this cloud-based plugin happens in the background so there is no need to play around with any settings.

On the downside, Akismet can erroneously tag certain legitimate comments as spam, creating false positives. A false positive will alert you to a security problem where none exists so it’s like putting out imaginary fires – and you can’t verify it until you do a check.

Interestingly, this plugin’s worth to you is based on two choices: you either pay them what you think it is worth to you, or you pay anywhere from $5 to $50 per month, depending on the number of sites you have. Needless to say, paid plans have priority support. Lastly, it is impossible for this plugin to block spam 100% so you will still have to some monitoring.

W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache improves site accessibility and speed, which is important for optimal user experience and is also good for search engine results and page rankings. It also reduces the time for downloading contents, as it uses some features like Content Delivery Network (CDN) integration. When fully configured, it improves the overall site performance by about ten times!

According to studies, when a website fails to load quickly, it loses traffic. In fact, when it comes to page loading, every second counts! If your page takes as long as ten seconds, you can lose up to 40% of potential traffic. Most people want to see the website within 6-10 seconds or they abandon the page altogether. In terms of dollars and cents, a business that sells $10,000 every day can lose as much as $250,000 a year for every second a page’s loading is delayed!

This is a free plugin tool but you should get another plugin that will help optimize content delivery because W3 Total Cache simply eliminates cache. To use this plugin, you will need to activate after your download and then configure the settings in General Settings by selecting the features you want.

This plugin is known to cause errors including difficulty logging into your WordPress account, but most errors can be fixed. The main reason for the errors is compatibility so before you download anything, do make an effort to check for compatibility. You have to expect the errors sometimes while using this plugin because it is free. The best option may be to reinstall the plugin and then install – but you must uninstall properly.


Have an eCommerce site? Then this plugin is a must for you! WooCommerce basically turns your website into an eShop or online business to sell anything. WooCommerce has about 30 million downloads covering 28% of online stores. For store owners, this plugin allows you to control what products you want to sell. If you also want to enhance your site, you can find premium and free extensions, as well as themes, in here.

When you activate this plugin after download, you can start generating customer reviews and post them on your site to improve your credibility and legitimacy. This plugin does have reported conflicts with PayPal IPN and GoDaddy. You will have to make sure you using the latest version, 3.0.0, which was released last April 2017. Some of the new additions in the most recent version include new product gallery, faster speed and performance, new logging system, new CRUD classes and new CLI (interface). The best news about this plugin is that all issues have solutions. You just need to search for them and be sure to back-up your files.

WordFence Security

WordFence offers the best security available to make your website 50 times faster and secure. This is basically a two-in-one plugin, caching with Falcon Engine and security. It uses features like the real-time blocking of known attackers, whereby it scans your site and files for vulnerability and ensures integrity, and also asks you to set a strong password.

Currently with over one million active users, this plugin could be the most popular among WordPress sites. As a security solution, it’s pretty easy to download and will require just your email to get started – after activation. You should do a site scan immediately so you know what you’re facing.

This scan will detect malware, virus, unknown files, backdoor entries, modified core files, unsafe URLs, updates that were not done and other vulnerabilities. After this complete scan and fixing the issues, the plugin is designed to automatically scan once a day. If there are no issues, you will not be notified via email – so a quiet WordFence is good, so to speak.

WordFence has a learning mode, which is recommended at the start and will prevent mistakes from being permanent or damaging.

Some of the other features include:

• Live traffic updates
• Advanced firewall
• Password quality checks
• WHOIS lookup to investigate domains and IP addresses
• Two-step authentication
• Remote scan
• Support

To utilize these features, you will have to pay for the premium plan at $99 per annum per API. It isn’t exactly user-friendly because it covers a complex area – security – but you get a lot of support and suggestions and there are available resources online.


Convert your site visitors into subscribers successfully with the OptinMontser plugin! This is a simple plugin that allows users to A/B test lead capture without the need of a professional developer. The A/B Split Testing helps you to test various headlines, designs and contents. This plugin also has multiple form types such as the lightbox popups, sidebar forms, floating bars, side-in and more. It can also easily perform and interpret analytics because of its Built-in Analytics, where you can see which optin forms perform well.

For OptinMonster to work, you should have an email marketing plan because the plugin doesn’t work automatically. You need to have the content to draw in subscribers. This cloud-based plugin has been around for four years so it has been honed and upgraded, removing major kinks. It also will be of great help in reducing operating costs because you won’t have to hire a developer to do this kind of job.

You get 94 templates to choose from, a user-friendly visual editor that is a point-and-click, reporting of conversion rates traffic, and its simplicity and speed. If you don’t like any template, you can create your own layout with a blank canvas theme screen. Finally, you will have customize the plugin such as when the opt-in box should appear.


If you are looking for the best responsive WordPress slider plugin, Soliloquy might be the one for you. This plugin makes responsive WordPress slider in just a minute without slowing down your site. This plugin is mobile friendly, which generally works across all devices like tablets, laptops and mobile phones. The additional bonus is that it allows you to create product slider to boost your sales in your WooCommerce store!

This plugin will help your conversion rate, and use is extremely simple and friendly. Furthermore, you get to use both images and videos on your sliders! You can create beautiful accents to your site and lower your bounce rate. If there is any downside to this plugin, it is that you can’t preview your slider after creating it. You will have to actually post it in order to see it, which is a tad inconvenient. Probably the best feature of this plugin is its speed. It loads in just 44 seconds, making it one of the fastest slider plugins, if not the fastest.

MailPoet Newsletter

Newsletters are the way to go when you’re trying to engage your subscribers. With MailPoet Newsletter, you can fulfill your need of an email marketing software. With it, you can build an audience on your site. This plugin helps you in managing your subscribers and sending email newsletters, either autoresponder or post notifications. And the best part is, it allows you to have at least 2,000 subscribers without the need of paying for the premium edition.

This plugin lets you send emails from the dashboard of your WordPress account, which helps improve engagement and loyalty. The process is all explained in a video together with a demo email. You can choose between an organic email or an automated email, very much like a template.

If you have a highly developed market and require segmentation, trigger targets and analytics, you will need to upgrade to a paid version or another plugin. Otherwise, this is the app for you!


This plugin can very well be regarded as the all-rounder! JetPack is a plugin where you can actually do anything. For marketers and entrepreneurs, they can quickly get a glance of what’s happening and what is hot on their website. It tracks the number of visits, referrals and search terms used with the help of the Stats module. The additional modules for businesses include email subscription, contact, social networking enabled comment, embedding videos, social media posting automation and much more!

This free plugin is truly packed with features but the main question is whether your site’s speed and performance will suffer. No, it will not! This is possible because the code will not allow an un-activated feature to run in the background.

Some of the top suggested features of this plugin include:

• Image CDN
• Site statistics
• Automatic publishing
• Site monitoring
• Social sharing
• Comment enhancement
• Contact forms

To use this plugin, you need to have a WordPress account. If you want access and full support to all features, you will have to subscribe to the paid version.

If you haven’t yet tried any of the above mentioned plugins for your WordPress website, then get going! There are plenty other plugins out there as well for you to explore. When you want to do a great job on your WordPress site, having the right bunch of plugins can simply make that task way easier. So transform your entrepreneurial journey by powering your site up with the best plugins!

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