5 Reasons Your Business Needs Stellar Content

One of the most successful online content marketing campaigns was that of Eddy the Terrible. It’s a concept conceived by creative geniuses from the Humane Society of Silicon Valley to find a home for an abandoned dog with questionable behavior whose real name is Teddy. Teddy was a terrible dog – hates humans and other animals – but desperately needed a home. No one wanted to take him until his true story as Eddy the Terrible came out. Simply put, Eddy the Terrible was marketed with stellar content. Through blogs, videos and press releases, Eddy’s story was told. His story described the fact that no one wanted him, and appealed to the reader’s emotions. Within two days, Eddy’s story was picked by national publications such as Huffington Post, People Magazine, and USA Today. He was also featured on TV shows like Inside Edition and Good Morning America. Over five million people saw the story online and generated 200 comments, 126,000 YouTube views, 32,000 Likes, and 6,300 Shares. More importantly, Teddy finally found a forever home. The point is – stellar content sells, and it sells all types of products and services.

Are you trying to sell an everyday (not so interesting) product like furniture or window blinds? Stellar content can get them sold. Incredible content can literally transform your business and increase your sales! Take pain company Farrow & Ball, for instance. They are a seven-generation-old paint and wallpaper company in the UK. They tried several marketing campaigns to build their online presence but it was only in 2014 when they decided to set up a blogging website, Chromologist, dedicated to the subject of color and how to own and use it. Soon thereafter, their sales and profits exploded.

For a business to succeed with the help of content marketing and customer engagement and mindfulness, it is critical to develop a content strategy that will appeal to your target audience.

Stellar content is what sets your website apart from the masses and delivers the right message into the hearts and minds of your customers. The success of your website is determined primarily by its content and its online brand. Keep in mind that content is a combination of videos, opinions, factual information, images, FAQs, and testimonials. You need to find the right angle to your content to pique the interest of your target market, while coupling the content with quality keywords so it can be located more easily while browsing the Internet.

Here are the five reasons you need stellar content:

1. It gives vital and enticing information to your customers.
Your website is often your first, and perhaps only, chance to market your company’s products and services to online customers, so make the most of this opportunity by ensuring your website’s content is top notch. This pulls in great and faithful customers who have faith in settling on right and educated decisions.
Every business owner and employee is a customer too, so you can and should put yourself in the place of your customer and be your customer. What would they like to see? What kind of content would make them stay and read to the very last word? How should the content be worded or what kind of videos and images would appeal to them?
In short, you need to define “vital” and “enticing” as they pertain to your business. And they must be communicated in a manner that leaves very little room for misinterpretation.

The key to great content is not to guess about your target market. Know whom you are communicating with and avoid complicating the message. As the saying goes, “Keep It Simple Smarty.” (At Content Jewel, we would never call you or any of our customers stupid. You’re too smart for that!) Basically, if you have several things to say and you are not able to communicate them cohesively, then create several blogs!To create stellar content, use these five words to guide you:

• Findable
• Readable
• Understandable
• Shareable
• Actionable

In addition, you can post content in places other than your website because the power of testimonials and reviews from independent sites is very powerful. Nowadays, when the typical online customer wants to buy something, he or she will check what other people are saying about the product and service. This kind of content speaks volumes about your business!

2. Excellent content has points of interest and extends your pitch about your capacities.

Content enables you to feature and advance your service and product offerings. Through content, your readers become better acquainted with the benefits of your offerings and this helps build brand awareness for your business. It likewise makes a positive picture of your business, as you are seen as being transparent about your enterprise. This helps attract prospective clients and sends quality web traffic your way because the better the content is, the more it will be shared and seen.
However, one of the potholes of not posting stellar content is using automation tools like spinning or auto posting software. If you allow a robot to spin your content so that is different from an original, or decide what, when and where to post your content, the content will lose value because Internet users tend to mistrust content that is poorly created and inorganic. Spun content is usually filled with grammatical errors and may be nonsensical. On the same token, content that is distributed everywhere and anywhere may not reach your targeted audience. Both strategies eliminate the human element that turns content viral and has the risk of damaging your reputation.

Automated content is done through artificial intelligence and is about as interesting as a wood board. It usually reads like a news article – facts and nothing else. Organic content is written by a human and is 100% more interesting because it can incorporate examples, human interest stories, and opinions.

To be considered an expert, you need to lay the groundwork and establish yourself as a leader in your industry. Thus, great content and a worthy history of valuable content is what is needed. One article does not make you an expert. Having several social media accounts and posting once a day does not make you an expert. There’s more, much more, to it than the casual organic postings. You have to follow a strategic content creation action and distribution plan.

Today, many people think that by reading a couple of books on something, they qualify as an expert. They certainly become eligible to give their opinion but aren’t necessarily an expert. To be known as a legitimate expert in your field, you must:

• Believe you are an expert and build your confidence by getting accreditation and hands-on experience.
• Own your expertise by declaring it publicly that you are an expert – and be ready to prove it when someone dares question you about it.
• Share your expertise in different mediums (books, videos, reports, guest speeches, etc.). A good expert is not stingy with what he knows but is discerning on what and how to communicate what he knows.
• Start producing original content with your name on it.

3. It adds credibility to your business.

The larger number of individuals thinking about your business and the kind of content you produce relates directly to the amount of exposure you’ll receive. As indicated previously, individuals who like your content will share it, comment on it, and act on it. Third parties will come on board and your online presence will be able to incorporate channels like word-to-mouth advancements, ads, and expanded reps as preferences and offers.

This makes a picture of persuasive administration, which bonds your credibility in the business sectors, and you start to develop a capable and genuine enterprise conveying quality expertise.

Credibility. This word packs a punch and it is what all legitimate online users look for. To build your credibility with your content, make sure you add the following somewhere on your website or blog:

• Your business address/location or email address, preferably both
• Business information such as business hours, brief history, people behind the business
• BBB ratings, significant numbers like number of followers, estimated annual sales, and customer testimonials

There’s another angle that you need to be aware of: the kind of content that damages your credibility. According to Forbes.com, mistakes like excessive self praise, lack of clear brand image, use of stock photos, and mistakes in grammar and spelling will ruin all your hard work with content and running an online business.

4. Advertisements are short on detail; content is broad.

An advertisement is a decent sales representative but it is actually restricted in its capability to provide detailed information to your readers. For instance, if you evaluate your content marketing structure carefully, you’ll soon realize how powerful it is. In fact, a positive content advertising campaign can build a stronger brand and invoke dialogue, associations, and an increase in profits. On the same token, a negative advertising campaign can lead to criticism, disassociation, and loss in sales.
So, more or less, an advertisement advances your motivation but great content attests to, solidifies, and builds up your business.

Do you remember most ads you come across? What about when you read outstanding content? Which would you rather share with your network – the ad or the interesting content? About 99% would say they would rather share the content. For this reason alone, you should prioritize content, though there are other reasons just as compelling.

Today’s smart shopper will not rely on a single ad to make a buying decision. Typically, they’ll have to see it seven times before they act. Today’s smart shopper knows how to curate information online and use whatever information he finds to make a smart shopping decision. Most will not simply click on the “Check Out” button due to a nagging feeling that there is something better out there.

Content – stellar content – will help clinch the decision to buy because it gives facts, opinions, information, news, reviews, and feedback – more than enough data to come to a decision and not hesitate.

5. Stellar content turns into your tweaked PR campaign and brand-wagon.

Stellar content will consolidate into powerful advertising and marketing because it can incorporate expanded information and feedback. These are the components in your content that be verified.

Once you have excellent organic content, you are able to increase online activity towards your business, which will help you expand your online system using preferences, shares, and tails. This will encourage and put wheels to your business image and keep it very much oiled and running.

However, keep in mind that when content turns into your public relations campaign, you need to stay on top of it all the time. It can easily get out of hand. On the other hand, if you manage it professionally and ethically, you will enjoy amazing long-term advantages and benefits, including lower overhead, fantastic and memorable brand imaging, and the promise of business longevity.

In conclusion, stellar content is worth the effort and no one does it better than the writers at Content Jewel. Our experienced marketing writers will create content that gets you and your business noted! Guaranteed!

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